Material Change Insights 2020

Key Insight #1
Ambition is in fashion.

Business is driving a race to the top. Incremental is not going to cut it, and leading companies have stepped up on ambitious target setting. The pressure is now on for achieving them. We need every ounce of determination and collaboration.

Key Insight #2
From selling goods to selling Good.

When a surf wear brand’s website is all about ocean conservation and clean beaches AND they commit to 100% recycled or more sustainable materials, we know the system is shifting.

Key Insight #3
People and planet at heart of corporate mission.

Companies now have a materials mission. Whether it is focused on climate change, nature loss, or the mountains of waste driving the cause, leaders know their business depends upon integrating solutions to these problems.

Key Insight #4
Finding their super power.

Companies are finding their own path to making an impact, while keeping their eye on the goal. Leverage and scale might work for some companies, while agility and intimacy may work for others.

Key Insight #5
Committed to improvement. Together.

Collecting data and reporting is central to transparency. Textile Exchange works hard to keep everyone on track and accountable. We provide the framework, the yardstick. The virtuous cycle of benchmarking and knowledge-sharing allows the entire industry to benefit.

Insights 2020


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