We are the leading company in Turkey who has own projects in organic cotton and sells organic cotton as fiber, yarns and both knitted and woven fabrics and garments.

Our organic cotton being grown around Izmir region in Western Türkiye is one of the best quality cotton in the world.

We have contracted farmers for organic agriculture, following all processes through fiber, yarn, fabric and manufacturing of finished garments for many well known brands around the world.

Our agricultural programs are GOTS certified  who ensure that all agricultural practices are in accordance with European Union Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91 on production of agricultural products. All processes from cotton to the end product are followed in accordance with the rules of Sustainable Textile Standards of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards).

Egedeniz is the first certified organic textile company of Türkiye.

We assure our costumers of top quality products in accordance with a sustainable production way.

Consumers in today’s market, are now more concerned and have more knowledge about the working conditions of the products they are buying. Consumers hold brands and all stakeholders responsible, as well as supporting declared values and ethical practices in the production supply chain. As Egedeniz, our main target is to meet our customers’ quality and ethical standards by integrating our human and environmental responsibility in our production policy.


2.Ethical values/We Matter what & how we produce


How hard an employee works, or how much effort she/he puts forth, can go a long way. Obviously, companies want results, but most employers prefer a worker who gives an honest effort to one who might be considered a “natural” at the job, but is otherwise disruptive. Either way, when an employee signs on with a business, she/he is agreeing to perform her best to help the company flourish.


An important aspect of workplace values and ethics is integrity, or displaying honest behavior at all times. For instance, an employee who works at a cash register, is expected to balance the drawer and deposit the correct amount of money at the end of the night. Integrity in the business world also might mean being honest when turning in an expense report or not attempting to steal a sales account from a co-worker.

3. Accountability

Employees in all industries are expected to act accountable for their actions. That means showing up when they are scheduled and on time, and not taking advantage of time allotted for breaks. It also means accepting responsibility for when things go wrong, gathering yourself and willingly working toward a resolution. And sometimes it might mean working longer than planned to see a project through to completion.



In almost every industry, workplace values and ethics consist of teamwork. That’s because most companies believe that when morale is high and everyone is working together, success will follow. So it is important for employees to be team players–whether assisting co-workers on a project, teaching new hires new tasks, or following the instructions of a supervisor.



Employee conduct is an integral aspect of workplace values and ethics. Employees must not only treat others with respect, but exhibit appropriate behavior in all facets of the job. That includes wearing proper attire, using language that’s considered suitable around the office and conducting themselves with professionalism. Every company enforces its own specific rules on conduct, and typically makes them extremely clear in employee handbooks and training manuals.


6.Dealing with Unethical Business Values

Many poor personal and professional decisions are based on a rationalization of the ethics involved. For example, a person who embezzles from his company may fully understand the behavior was unethical, but he justifies it by saying he was under-paid, so the company got what it deserved. Truly defining business ethical values in a workplace environment involves following examples of ethical behavior and fair treatment, starting from management and trickling down.

3.Social Responsibility Policy

As Egedeniz Textile Industry and Trade Corporation, our company which behaves with the value we place to person and the social responsibility awareness at all stages of production and management;


  • CHILD AND YOUNG WORKFORCE; No child labour is allowed in our company; employing the young worker is applied under comperehension of vocational training law which has number of 3308. In scope of this law, all students from vocational high schools are allowed to work maximum 40 hours.


  • MANDATORY EMPLOYMENT; No mandatory employment is applied to employees; everything is based on voluntariness.


  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY; All national and international regulations and laws related to occupational health and safety are complied, working place risks are defined, precautions are taken. A working system which cares the employees health is adopted and guiding line, procedures related to this matter are prepared and employees are trained. Our company intend to enforce the occupational health and safety actions by using management standarts which are established internationally and targeting sustainable improvement.


  • FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION AND COLLECTIVE BARGAINING; Our company does not astrict the freedom of legal and conciliatory association of employees and respects their collective bargaining. An employee representative system is applied in our company.


  • NON-DISCRIMINATION; No person is subjected to any discrimination in employment including hiring, compensation, vocational training, promotion, termination on the basis of race, skin colour, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, age, civil status, pregnancy, gender. Job skills, personal and professional development is based on.


  • DISCIPLINARY PRACTICES; It is not allowed to make corporal punishment, physical or psychological stress, misdemeanor, abuse and mobbing to our employees in our company.


  • HOURS OF WORK; Defining the hours of work is based on the valid laws and regulations. For all overtime working, our company respects voluntariness. As a general implementation regular working hour is 45 hours a week and if overtime is  needed, no more than 15 hours a week.


  • COMPENSATION; Each worker’s compensation is based on related law and regulations; each worker is announced for their salary with an employment contract when they first start to work. A salary system which is according to performance is applied for wage claims, besides this annual inflation ratio is taken into consideration.


  • PROTECTION OF NATURAL HABITAT AND RECYCLING OF WASTE; All regulations and laws related to environment are complied. Beside this, all employees are trained about protection of natural life, preventing the environmental pollution and recycling. Our aim is to minimize the waste and recycle them. Carbon foot print measurement is applied annually and reforestation efforts are applied with non-governmental organisations to compensate it.


  • COMPLYING WITH THE LAW; Our company aims to follow the business partnership rules of our clients permanently and to service according to these rules based on the valid national and international laws and regulations. In this scope, our company always obeys the custom legislations for exports and takes the safety precautions.


  • MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND RELATIONS WITH SUPPLIER; Our company is targeting to manage sustainable social responsibility applications and improve them. Not only for our company, but also we care about our suppliers by consulting their social compliance actions, contributing them to improve their social compliance standards and improve these continuously.


4.Our Relations With;

1.Our Customers

We position ourselves to offer the best overall value to our customers with fully transparent supply chain together with our 57 women and 47 men employees as well as integrating ethical standarts into our production processes.


2.Our Colleagues

We believe that the fundamental of success in business totally related to the happiness of  employees. In this context we are transparent to our workers as well as we are to our customers. To be able to increase the motivation, we create social connections together with them and their families.

3.Our Suppliers

To increase the value that we serve to our customers, our aim is always to create a chain together with valuable suppliers who can provide quality in a sustainable and environmental manner.

4.Our Partners

We always support our subcontractors to improve theirselves in all cases. We provide trainings for them to meet both our and our customers’ requirements in both terms of quality and sustainability so that’s why we call them our partners.

5.Our Environment

In this business, we know that we are responsible to the environment we live in as well as our liability of producing quality products. In this scope we have integrated CSR applications in order to fulfill our responsibility;

              *Carbon Foot Print Neutral Project

              *Recycling Activities

                            -Electronic Devices

                            -Waste Battery

                            -Paper, Plastic, Glass


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