OCRT in October 2017!

OCRT in October 2017!

It has been almost three months since we came together in Izmir for the first Regional Organic Cotton Roundtable (check out the Highlights of the day here). The event was a big success – especially thanks to the fantastic participants! As you may now, TE established the R-OCRT under our umbrella Global Organic Cotton Roundtable OCRT which will take place on October 12 in Washington D.C. this year.

The TE team and Aydin Unsal ( Egedeniz Company Owner ) , board member of TE, will be welcoming you to continue the discussions we started in Izmir and to seize the opportunity to learn from other regions at the same time. And while learning, experiencing and exchanging, the OCRT facilitates the biggest networking platform at ground.

Maybe you are already planning to attend? We’d love to hear your input and ideas! It will help us shape the agenda of the day and how to best use the time together! And please note: Next to organic cotton, the day of the roundtable will also look into other preferred materials for transforming the textile market.

The OCRT is free of charge to attend.

It takes place on the 12th of October, the day after the Textile Exchange’s Sustainability Conference close to Washington D.C. (a 15 min car ride from the city) and is easily accessible from the airport.

Check out the OCRT website here, the Highlights of the last OCRT 2016 in Hamburg here or register directly here!


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