Kadioglu/Kadeks/Manifutura/Ege Organics/Egedeniz Introduction

As we have different companies and brands; it would be best if we were to make a quick summary of them, so you have a clear understanding of our operations.

Kadioglu – Core of the business. Takes care of growing organic cotton in western Turkey by contracted farmers as well as its domestic and international trade.

Kadeks – Fabric knitting and trade of yarn & fabric. At the moment we’re offering goods and services to all 6 populated continents of the world.

Manifutura – Meet the world’s first sustainable fabric brand. Now only focusing on yarns and fabrics, eventually a platform where all sustainable textile goods can be sourced with a few clicks. At the moment it’s working with various world-famous brands across the globe.

Ege Organics – Our company in Bremen, Germany. Founded in 2013 by yours truly to focus on branding, and servicing our current and prospective customers better. Makes sourcing easier and reliable for all EU customers with German assurance.

Egedeniz – Our flagship company. A brand of excellence in its field. Where eco-conscious business partners come to make projects happen. Proud to be Turkey’s first organic certified textile company.


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