International Cotton Conference Bremen 2021 – The Hybrid Edition

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The bi-annual Bremen Cotton Conference is where specialists from the worldwide textile procurement chain come together and is a pillar of the cotton world.
More than 500 participants from 40 countries attended the last conference. We are now pleased to announce Egeorganics is participating in the 35th Bremen International Cotton Conference – Hybrid Edition, which will take place from Wednesday 17th to Thursday 18th March 2021.

The conference will provide a forum for scientifically founded and practically useful new insights into key issues surrounding cotton production, cotton quality, textile processing, innovative cotton-based products and the chain connecting all.

A virtual platform with online sessions on two streaming channels will offer full access to all cotton and textile related topics. And several additional digital options will accompany this. The conference will be surrounded by numerous seminars, working groups and task force meetings.

Here you can see detailed information about this conference :

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